Family reunion in Vegas

Dated: February 7 2024

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KW Family Reunion Vegas

I am not a local or a vegas insider, but I have been in Las Vegas several times over the last few years not to mention having been to over 10  KW family reunions. Here are a few pointers. 

Tips and tricks

Bring comfortable shoes, be prepared to walk, a lot. Anytime you visit Vegas, plan to walk.. anytime you attend a convention, plan to walk.. Add the two together and that means lots of walking!

Plan ahead, know what you want to learn and who you may want to meet. WHat is lacking in your business and focus on it. Check the agenda and have a plan. While there will be lots of great info, pick 3 things and implement them into your business. 

Ask questions to the panels and to other agents. Everyone is there to learn, don’t be shy! You paid to be there, make the most of it.  Be ready for networking, there are multiple events each day. Bring cards, but many people use various apps or digital business cards.


Airport to Hotels

Unless you are a high roller, the casinos will not send a car for you. Taxi cabs have a flat rate, usually under $20 for the casinos near the convention center and are usually easy to grab. Uber lyft has a flexible rate, potentially slightly more expensive than taxis not to mention they usually charge more at the casinos. Also, uber /lyft have special pickup and drop off (often they can drop you at the front) points at the casinos, and to make it more confusing some casinos have two pickup locations. Make sure you are in the right location. There are bus and shuttle services too. The airport has an offsite car rental counter, so you will need to take the shuttle bus to the rental center. Some companies are not in the rental center, so one you get to the center, you will pick up another shuttle.

Getting around Las Vegas:

Las Vegas has various transportation options but walking is very common. Remember that the casinos are large, so even when you are only going 2 properties over, it’s a walk. Some of the casinos have interior walkways in case of bad weather. For example, you can walk from Mandalay Bay, through Luxor to Excalibur without going outside. There is also a tram that connects the 3 properties (One of the trams only stops at Luxor when heading south)

Taxis: Available throughout the city and at the hotel entrance, convenient for shorter distances. Taxis can not pick you up on the strip.

Uber/Lyft: Reliable and widely used in Las Vegas, make sure to go to the right place to meet them, they cannot pick up in some areas.

Monorail: A convenient option for traveling along the Las Vegas Strip, you can pick up the monorail from the MGM Grand and go all the way to the Westgate Hotel. Rates are reasonable and you have options such as a 3-day unlimited pass.

Deuce Bus: Double-decker buses that run along the Strip and downtown area, a great option to see the Strip and enjoy the ride. Picks up in front of most casinos and runs 24 hours a day.

Rental Cars: If you prefer to have your own transportation, rental cars are usually inexpensive. See info above but also know many of the casinos also have a car rental company inside of them so if you only want a car for the day, that may be the best way to rent.

Parking at the Casinos:

 Many casinos in Las Vegas now charge for parking. If you are part of the casino's rewards program, you may be eligible for free parking with in-and-out privileges. Hotel guest can add parking to their room allowing them to use other properties' parking free of charge. For example, if you stay at Mandalay Bay and pay for parking, you can park at any other MGM property, including the Bellagio, MGM Grand, New York-New York, Cosmopolitan, and Park MGM. Just use your room key as you exit the parking lot. If you drive to Freemont Street. If you go downtown, The El Cortez still offers free parking, even though they may mention a fee. The last time I visited, I was not charged for parking there. There are also parking garages and street parking available downtown, but it can be challenging to find street parking.



The airport is not recommended for gambling. Payouts at the airport slot machines are generally lower and the odds of winning are worse.

The casinos offer a variety of games and the dealers will help you out. MGM has a very nice high-stakes poker room. El Cortez is the best place for blackjack as they still play 2/3 style unlike most of the strip plays 5/6 style.

Slots with movies/ actors… don’t pay as well so stay away from them.

There are many comedy clubs, concert venues, and shows. Check to see options. 


Safety in Las Vegas:

Overall, most areas in Las Vegas are safe, but be cautious of individuals lurking in the shadows.

Control your alcohol consumption to avoid getting drunk and behaving recklessly.

Keep an eye on your belongings and be aware of your pockets. If someone bumps into you, check your pockets immediately.

Avoid allowing strangers to touch you, even in crowded areas. Be wary of pickpocketing schemes where one person distracts you while another steals from your pockets. Often these people will work in a group, by the time you realize someone stole something from you, they have handed it to someone else who is leaving the area.

Avoid keeping valuables in your back pockets. Consider using pockets with zippers or having one of those oh-so-sexy fanny packs. If you have a purse or backpack, keep it in front of you so you can see it. Make sure to keep it zipped up or closed to make it harder for people to get stuff out of it. Travel light and carry only essentials such as identification, a small amount of money, and one credit card. Keep your phone secure, as it is a common target for theft.


Freemont Street/ Downtown

If you are staying on the strip, walking between the two areas is not recommended. Consider transportation options such as ride share or the duce bus which runs 24 hours.

Downtown Las Vegas has interesting places like the Art District, Freemont Street, the Mod Museum are all close to Freemont Street. 

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